Windows 11 Download: How to Get the New Windows Version

Windows 11, the next version of Windows, was just released by Microsoft. It's a huge update that includes a new Start menu, touch interface, Microsoft Store, and gaming improvements, among other things. It also comes with Amazon Store support for Android apps.

It's the biggest piece of Windows-powered PC news in years, and it will be available later this year. Latest in a series of internal experiments to deviate from the widely popular Windows 10, Windows 11 results from the recent efforts to rejuvenate the OS.

Windows 11 introduces many significant changes to the operating system. It provides a visual update that incorporates rounded corners, animations, and a more modern feel to the operating system. The Taskbar has been redesigned, and the OS now has a much more modern look.

Many of the features in Windows 11 were originally visible in Windows 10X, Microsoft's next operating system released in 2019. Windows 10X has also been put on hold to focus on the full version of Windows.

Windows 11 is a complete reimagining of the platform, better positioned against competitors in the personal computing space. Microsoft has indeed been quietly laying the groundwork for Windows 11, with both CEO Satya Nadella and Chief Product Officer Panos Panay teasing at the "next generation" to come.

The new operating system was then introduced on June 24 at an event hosted by the corporation. If you are searching information about Windows 11 download, then follow the below information.

How to Download Windows 11

Even though Microsoft has launched Windows 11, an official copy is not currently available. The new operating system is expected to arrive on new PCs this fall. Microsoft will launch Windows 11 as a free update around the same time.

Fortunately, you won't have to wait long enough to give Windows 11 a try. The operating system's first Insider versions will be released in the week beginning June 27, 2021.

Getting your PC ready to try out the operating system is explained in a Microsoft blog article. It also explains the minimal requirements for running a Windows 11 Insider build. Recently, a leaked build of Windows 11 appeared on the internet, although it is outdated.

We do not promote or support the download of any Windows 11 builds before the official release date, as well as any other illegal or harmful use of Microsoft property.

Windows Central doesn't promote or encourage the downloading of stolen assets, and those who do so may face legal consequences. That's not even taking into consideration the potential risks of installing code from unknown sources.

The Release of Windows 11 is Currently Underway:

This year's holiday season, Microsoft stated that Windows 11 would be available for download. The holiday season begins in November and ends in December. People will have enough time to upgrade the platform because the rollout will last until 2022. The Windows 11 distribution schedule in India will remain the same.

The Cost of Windows 11:

Customers who have Windows 10 will be able to upgrade for free to Windows 11. It means that if you have a valid copy of Windows 10 installed on your computer, you will be able to download Windows 11 for free. Windows 11 may, however, be expensive for new installations.


If you can't wait that long, you can join the Windows Insider Program to access free Windows 11 beta versions. Please remember that these versions will not be reliable, so download them at your own risk. In July, the first public beta of Windows 11 will be released.

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