This PC Cant Run Windows 11: How To Fix The Windows 11 Installation Error?

Since the release of Windows 11, many users have come across "this PC can't run on Windows 11 error". They faced this problem when they tried to install Windows 11 on their PC. The main cause of this problem is TPM 2.0 and the secure boot setting in Windows 11. For successful installation of Windows 11 n your computer, you are required to resolve both these issues. Read below to learn how to fix Windows 11 installation issues. 

How to Fix this PC can't Run n Windows 11 Issue?

As mentioned earlier, this issue can either occur because of Secure Boot future disabled in the BIOS setting or TPM 2.0 is disabled. These errors can occur when you try to run Windows 11 on your system. Don't worry as here we are available with the solutions that can help you fix this problem. 

Your System should Support TPM2

This PC Cant Run Windows 11: How To Fix The Windows 11 Installation Error

Now, you need to check if TPM is enabled or not

  • Press the Windows key and R key simultaneously to open the command prompt. 
  • Now, a new dialog box will open up. There, you need to enter tpm.msc and then select Ok. 
  • A new window will open up that says, "TPM management on local computer". 
  • Go to the Status section and then check if TPM is turned on or not. 
  • In case you see the message "TPM is ready for use", then you don't need to follow all these steps. 

In case it is disabled, then you need to carry out the steps given below. 

  • Restart and then launch the Startup Menu by pressing the required key like F11, F10, etc.
  • Now, select the "Security Tab"
  • After that, navigate to "TPM Device". 
  • Select the option of "Available" from the list appearing before you. 
  • Now, save the changes made and restart your computer.

Your System should Support Secure Boot

System should Support Secure Boot

When the TPM becomes available, then you need to carry out the steps given below. 

  • Restart your computer and then launch the Start menu. 
  • After that, open the BIOS setup. 
  • Then, you need to go to the "Advanced tab". 
  • Now, you need to click on "Boot Options" 
  • Go to the menu and a lot of boot options will become available for you. 
  • Find "Secure boot and then enable it.
  • Once you are done enabling secure boot, then save it. 
  • Boot your PC and launch the Start menu one more time. 
  • After that, you need to open the drive that has Windows 11. 
  • Now, you need to do a manual installation of Windows 11.

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