The 10 Worst Things About Windows 11

The new operating system has received a positive response from the users. However, there are some who are unhappy with a few things. Well, these are genuine problems and users find it quite annoying.

So, Here in this Post, We will Discuss the Worst Things about Windows 10. 

1) Difficult to Change Default Apps

Default app settings are quite complicated. You literally have to select every single file type for the app you wish to use for it. For instance, if you want to add one photo app as a default app for all the photographs, you have to go through all the protocols and file types that are there such as PNG, JPG, DNG, and BMP. 

2) You can't Use Windows 11 without Signing into Your Microsoft Account

Just like it is mandatory for a Mac user to sign in to an Apple account, it is also mandatory for a Windows 11 user to sign in to Microsoft account. You enjoy multiple benefits by signing in to your Microsoft accounts such as full-disk encryption, sync settings on various devices, and backup to OneDrive.

Users get annoyed when they are asked to sign in to Microsoft account. This is a mandatory requirement on Windows 11 Home Edition. However, there is no such requirement on Windows 11 Pro. 

3) Windows 11 Start Menu is Less Usable in Comparison to the Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 Start menu was far more convenient in comparison to Windows 11 Start Menu. Windows 10 's start menu had everything covered in the lower-left corner of the screen. It provided convenient access to Settings, apps, and power.

It puts recently installed and frequently used apps on the top. You can't find all these useful things in Windows 11's start menu. It only displays suggested and pinned apps. 

4) No Action Center in Windows 11

Windows 10 action center was indeed one of the best additions made to Windows so far. You can conveniently check your laptop's battery by clicking on it. Clicking on the Wi-Fi icon will open up the Wi-Fi settings where you can see all the available networks.

Sadly, there is no action center in Windows 11. Instead, there is a replacement called potpourri with notification panels and separate settings just like there is one in Mac. 

5) Windows 11 isn't Innovative

A lot of users have noticed that the new OS isn't innovative. Windows 11 did not bring anything new to the table. Rather, it is more like an imitation of macOS and Chrome OS. Whenever an OS upgrade comes out, users are excited about the new additions made to the OS.

Windows 11 has been dissatisfying in that sense as users didn't get to see any bold changes in the new OS. 

6) Taskbar is not Helpful

The taskbar in Windows 11 is centered. The problem is that the Start button is at the left of the taskbar and the start button changes its position if you open more apps. You can resolve this issue by changing the alignment in the taskbar settings. This way the Start button will remain at the left like before.

It would have been better if the Start button was centrally located. The button should remain in one location once you select a place for it. Moreover, the app buttons on the taskbar are less informative. It doesn't inform you which programs are pinned and which ones are currently running. 

7) Demanding Hardware Requirements

A lot of people who upgraded their OS to Windows 11 have launched this complaint. Obviously, Microsoft wants you to buy a new computer with Windows 11 and not upgrade the OS on your old computer. So, if you are wishing to upgrade from Windows 7, then you need to install Windows 10 first and then go on with the upgrade process.

There are three major hardware requirements for Windows 11. Firstly, you should have a recent PC. Secondly, you need to have a TPM security chip. Thirdly, the chip should be capable of using a secure boot.  

8) Windows 11 is not Useful for Tabs

Using Windows 10 on the tablet was much more convenient. Just by swiping right, the action center would open up, and by swiping left you would see the task view. Both these options are not available on Windows 11.

You can use the three-finger feature to open the task view or Action Center but that's very inconvenient if you are holding the tab from the sides. 

9) Third-party Antivirus Installation is Still Required

One must not fail to acknowledge the fact that Windows Defender has improved a lot over the years and that enhances Windows 11 security as well. But security experts suggest that one should install third-party antivirus software for malware protection.

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