How to Use Remote Desktop App to Connect to a PC on Windows 10, 11?

The remote desktop application allows you to connect your computer to a different location. It works like a normal screen and allows you to work on it as if you were a local user. You can get a hold of our workstation from a completely different location on your screen which could even be your mobile phone.

So now you can access your screen and data from anywhere. With the growing need for remote working and virtual offices, the Remote Desktop app is becoming quite popular. When people use Remote Desktop app to connect to a PC on Windows 10, 11 it 

  • Enhances productivity
  • Creates room for employee collaboration 
  • Allows people to work from any location 

Microsoft offers the Remote desktop application and it is available to download in the Microsoft Store. It is designed in a way that allows the user to access their workstation through the local network without any hassle.

It is easy to use, but the installation is what is critical and requires a lot of patience to be configured. Although the remote desktop application is available for download in all the versions, Windows 10 Home does not support this application. 

To Use Remote Desktop App to Connect to a PC on Windows 10, 11, You can Follow the Step-by-Step Guide-

Step 1: Open Control Panel and head to the System and Security option.

Step 2: Under the System option, a sub-option to Allow Remote access will appear. Click on it.

Step 3: Further click on Remote Tab.

Step 4: In the Remote Desktop section, check the box for Allow remote connections to this computer.

Step 5: A sub-option to allow connections from computers running on Network Level Authentication will appear, make sure you check it. This will allow you to use Remote Desktop app to connect to a PC on Windows 10, 11 securely.

Step 6: Click on OK and then on Apply to save changes.

You can also Enable Remote Desktop Through the Settings Option. 

  • Click on Settings and go to System. 
  • Click on Remote Desktop and enable it. 
  • Click the confirm button to save the changes. 

You will also be required to enable remote connections on your network.

For This, You Need to Configure the Static IP Address on Your Windows.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel and head to the Network and Internet section.

Step 2: Further, in this section click on Network and Sharing Center.

Step 3: On the left side an option to change the adapter settings will appear.

Step 4: Right-click on it and click on the Properties option from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Check the Internet Protocol version and then click on the Properties option towards the right side.

Step 6: Open the General tab and click on Use the following IP address.

Step 7: Enter the IP address which is beyond the scope of local DHCP to prevent address conflicts.

Step 8: Specify other details like Subnet mask, and default gateway address.

Step 9: Click OK and then the Close button. 

With the above steps, you can easily use Remote Desktop app to connect to a PC on Windows 10, 11.

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