How to Update Network Drivers in Windows 11?

Drivers form an integral part of the pairing mechanism thereby facilitating better communication between internal and external devices. Network Adapters are actually the sole connecting medium aimed at providing enhanced internet connectivity and thus updating the drivers pertaining to Network Adapters will have the result of updating Windows 11 Network Drivers eventually.

So, to enjoy seamless internet connectivity you just need to update network drivers in Windows 11 by resorting to either of the several ways ranging from using the Device Manager option to switching to Windows Update Service. Here is a quick guide on different ways of updating your Network Adapters.

By Using Device Manager

Step 1 - As the very first step, you just have to press Windows+X keys simultaneously to get a pop-up list that has some direct shortcuts to access system-related utilities and applications.

Step 2 - Try locating and clicking the Device Manager Option subsequently to open the utility in your Windows 11.

Step 3 - Moving ahead, now you must double click on Network Adapters to expand the list further.

Step 4 - After navigating through the list, select your own Network Adapter and click on Update Driver to take the process forward.

Step 5 – A new window will pop up, wherein you have to click on “Search automatically for drivers” so that Windows 11 will automatically search for any latest updates.

Step 6 – If Windows 11 is able to find any pending driver updates, click on it to update network drivers in Windows 11.

Using Windows 11 Update Service

Network updates are categorized under “Optional Updates” and thus can be updated by following the sequential steps under Windows Update.

Step 1 - Get the Start menu opened by clicking on the Windows button available on the bottom left corner of the Taskbar.

Step 2 - Open the Settings Application by locating the gear icon on the Start menu.

Step 3 - Now click on the Windows update Tab on the Settings panel.

Step 4 - A list will become visible displaying the Advanced Options on the Windows Update Tab. Just give a click on the Advanced Options.

Step 5 – Click on the Optional Updates further to search for your Network Adapter. If the Optional Updates show any Drivers or Updates, then download or update by clicking on the relevant buttons and check boxes. This will have the effect of updating your Network Adapter’s drivers.

Updating the Drivers Manually

You can also update network drivers in Windows 11 by downloading the updates manually from the manufacturer’s website. Adhere to the following simple steps to get this done.

Step 1 - Open your Internet Browser on Windows 11.

Step 2 - Open the manufacturer’s website to search for the latest Network Adapter drivers.

Step 3 - Look for your specific Network Adapter by entering its name on the search bar and then click the Download button to save the latest executable file on Windows 11.

Step 4 - As and when the driver file is saved, click on the file to run its installation on your Windows 11, after going through the relevant instructions and consequently you will have an updated Network Adapter Driver for Windows 11.

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