How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 11?

We all have been there when we need to take a screenshot on our laptop or computer but unfortunately, we aren’t aware of the keys. I’m sure that you must have tried various combinations but completely in vain.

The screenshots are actually very useful when you’re trying to save some information and can’t exactly copy everything. In mobile phones, screenshots are just a click away but since laptops and computers function completely different you might find it hard to get that screenshot. 

So if you’re using Windows 10 or iOS it’s similar to how you take a screenshot on Windows 11. You need not worry even if it’s a different windows version as the process is the same. 

To take a screenshot on Windows 11 you can find the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It’s a dedicated key on the keyboard to help you take a screenshot. It’s displayed as PrtSc on the keyboard and can be located usually in the top row.

To take a screenshot on Windows 11, you need to press the combination key of Alt + PrtSc and it’ll be done. A blink will appear on a screen and you can find the screenshot in your pictures folder. 

But there are many other ways with which you can use the Print Screen button depending upon what you want out of it. Other than taking screenshots you can copy the entire text on the screen on your clipboard by using just the Print Screen button.

Other than that the combination of Print Screen and Windows instead of copying the text to the clipboard, saves the image on that very window in the Picture

It didn’t much time for Windows 11 to go live and for its users to enjoy its unlimited features.  Windows 11 came out loaded with really good features. The new Snip and Sketch Tool has replaced the Snipping Tool and has become really advanced. 

You can even use the Snip and Sketch Tool to take a screenshot on Windows 11. This tool will not only help you take a snippet of the particular part you want from an active but also save you from hunting the information from the screenshot that you might have taken of the entire window. 

In the search bar, look out for the Snip and Sketch Tool and open it up. Click on the New button in the top left corner. Different options like Rectangular Snip, Free-form Snip, Windows Snip, and Full-Screen Snip. Toggle your mouse to select the desired region and the tool will automatically send the snippet to the clipboard and open up the editor. 

You can now use this snippet; however, you’d like and save it in your desired folder. 

The Snip and Sketch tool is a really good alternative to take a screenshot on Windows 11. And this tool is definitely going to stay even in further updates. 

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