How to Share WiFi Network Passwords in Windows 11?

In this article, you are going to learn the easiest way of sharing your internet connection on your Windows 11 computer, Microsoft service device, or laptop with other devices through Wi-Fi. In this post, you will learn how to share a password and network name to give access to others and how to turn on the mobile hotspot setting. 

How to Share my Wireless Network?

An easy way to share your wireless network with other devices on Windows 11 is to turn on a mobile hotspot. Below are the steps that you need to follow for the same. 

Step 1: Launch the Windows 11 Start menu. 

Step 2: Enter Settings. 

Step 3: After that, select Settings. 

Step 4: Now, you need to select Network and Internet. 

Step 5: Choose a Mobile hotspot. 

Step 6: Turn on the switch given next to the mobile hotspot. 

Step 7: On ur smart device or second computer. you need to use the information given under Network properties for logging into your computer's Wi-Fi network. 

Step 8: If you wish to select the Edit option given next to Network Properties. 

Step 9: Change your Wi-Fi band type, password, and Wi-Fi name. 

Is It Possible to Share WiFi from her PC?

As per the steps mentioned above, any computer with Wi-Fi functionality can create a Wi-Fi network for other devices to connect to. If you are using  Windows 11 computer that does not support wireless connectivity, then you won't be able to use the internet sharing method. 

You can always ask your internet provider for a router with Wi-Fi internet capability. This will allow you to connect all your devices to the router directly rather than through your PC. 

Can we Share WiFi Over WiFi?

Windows 11 enables you to share a Wi-Fi connection with different devices over Wi-Fi by using the simple method given above. If you want, you may also use a wired connection to create a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot in Windows 11. This is extremely useful for those working with a coaxial cable connection and no Wi-Fi router. 

Can 2 Computers Share one Connection? 

Now, it is easy to connect more than one device to the same router or modem. You can easily connect to multiple devices through the internet through a router's Wi-Fi signal or cable connection. Those who have a wired internet connection or a cable can get the benefit of creating a mobile hotspot in Windows 11 by performing the steps mentioned on this page. 

Nevertheless, if you have a router, then you can connect to other devices to its Wi-Fi signal instead. This way, you will be able t turn off your computer without disconnecting it from the internet.

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