How to Send Email to a Contact Group on Windows 10?

This post will teach you how to send emails to a contact group on Windows 10 and 11. Because Microsoft's built-in application lacks this feature, manual actions are required. Even though the Mail app is quite useful and has a simple interface, it occasionally fails to satisfy its users.

One of the most important features for any user is group email, which allows you to send emails to a certain team or a group of people. You can't afford to manually forward emails to each recipient in this hectic age. Take a look at the list of methods –

How to Create a Group Email with the Windows 10 Mail App

Method 1: Set your Group Manually

Step 1: Press Enter in the search box next to the Start Menu to find Mail. When the application opens, go to the top right corner and select New Mail.

Step 2: Now, jot down the email addresses of the people you'd like to include in the Group Email into the To: box. It's important to note that you can't use space or any other sign for this. This task is simple because a drop-down menu will appear with all the email address choices as you input the first letter. Choose one at a time and proceed.

When you're finished with the email list, select it all and copy it to the clipboard by pressing CTRL+C.

Step 3: To continue, go to the bottom left of the mail app and select the People icon.

Step 4: When it gives you a prompt, follow it. After that, select New contact from the Hamberger menu.

Step 5: By clicking CTRL+V, paste the email list into the Personal email box and give it the desired name. You'll notice that your Group has been successfully added to your Contacts list this time. To keep your new Group operational, click Save.

Step 6: Go to the mail app and, in the To: box, click the People icon (Choose contact) from the right end.

Step 7: When a pop-up window displays, type the name you added under Choose contacts and click on the result.

Step 8: You'll notice that the group name is instantly transformed into emails. This should be clicked.

Finally, you're ready to send your emails to a select group of recipients. From now on, the Mail app will launch with all of your Group's email addresses added as recipients.

Method 2: Save Group Emails to a Draft Message

This isn't the best method, but it's better than typing the addresses each time. Let's create a group email in the Mail App for Windows 11 or 10 and save it as drafts.

On the left-hand side, select New Mail.

Type the email addresses in the To: bar and press the Back key. This blank email will be saved as a draft message.

You won't have to type those email addresses every time you send a message to a Group Contact from now on. Copy the recipients from the drafts folder and paste them into the new email whenever necessary.

Method 3: Keep all of Your Emails in a Word Document.

You may also save the recipients into a Word document and send a group email using the Mail App on Windows 11 or 10. Here's how to do it:

To type a word, press WIN+S and then Enter.

Put a comma after each email address you want to include in the Group to keep them separate.

Select all text, then right-click and select Link from the menu (Word 2016).

Ensure that the address in the Insert Hyperlink window starts with mailto: If the prefix is missing, type it in and click OK.

Make a clickable link to the emails by pressing and holding the Ctrl key and selecting "How do you want to open this?" from the pop-up menu. Select Mail and enjoy.

Method 4: Manually Add Emails from the People App One by One.

The lack of Group Emails in the Mail app in Windows 10 has generated numerous concerns via feedback. However, while Microsoft did not provide a perfect solution, they recently made significant changes. They've incorporated the option to add multiple contacts, but you'll have to put them together one at a time. 

From the left pane of the app, select New Mail.

Press the People icon in the To: bar, then choose each contact from the pop-up list one by one. Make the identical changes for every user you want to add to the Make a Group Email on Windows 10 Mail App.

This method may be useful just for sending emails to a small group of people. Otherwise, you may have to go to the alternate technique.

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