How to Reset Sound Settings on Windows 11?

It released many new and enhanced features with Windows 11 for its customers. You can experience a better sound quality overall with the Enhance Audio feature, particularly within the audio sector.

Some audio improvements, such as Loudness Equalization and Bass Boost, are among the additional features. However, your system could experience problems that lead to poor sound quality. It can result from faulty or outdated sound drivers, improperly adjusted audio settings, or shutting off sound services.

You will learn many techniques in this post that you may use to reset the sound settings.

Connect the Sound Device Again

You should disconnect the output sound device from your computer as soon as you suspect there is no sound. You should then reconnect the USB output device to a different USB port so it can restart. This is one method for resolving your PC's sound issue.

Audio Driver Updates

Windows regularly provide audio driver updates to improve audio quality and fix any flaws in the software. Therefore, updating your PC's audio driver to the most recent version could fix the problem. Either the Device Manager or the Windows website are options for updating it.

Audio Driver Reset

An outdated or damaged audio driver could cause your PC's audio issues. If the solutions mentioned above do not resolve the problem, the next step is resetting the audio driver.

Start the Windows Audio Service Again

Another method to restore default sound settings in Windows 11 is to restart the Audio Service. An OS built-in tool called Windows Services lets you control active processes on your computer as it runs in the background. Services offered by the software include privacy, power, sound, etc.

Sound Settings Troubleshooting

A diagnostic program called Windows Troubleshooter aids in identifying and resolving OS problems. Using this function, you can identify the causes of Windows 11's audio difficulties and apply the appropriate fixes.

We have now completed our guide on Reset Sound Settings on Windows 11. Hopefully, using the techniques described in this post, you were able to fix your audio settings successfully.

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