How to Remove Pre-Installed Apps on Windows 10/11?

One of the most irritating aspects of purchasing a new computer or laptop would be that it generally comes with a slew of worthless software or accessories pre-installed by the manufacturer. Even huge brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Asus do it, and while some of the features they add aren't significant, others have been.

Some of this software has the potential to be harmful. This software sticks to your fresh new Windows machine and can slow it down, even if it's completely new. Completely uninstalling such ineffective apps would take time and patience; however, there are a few options in the form of tools designed to remove any useless software efficiently. So remove pre-installed apps on Windows 10/11 now. 

What is the Great App for Removing Bloatware from Your PC?

1. CCleaner

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Managing apps is simple by using CCleaner. It compiles a thorough list of all your software installed, enabling you to sort and look for them by category. You can find the uninstaller function of CCleaner by going to the Tool submenu. You'll notice that the app list contains the software that Windows has pre-installed on your computer.

2. IObit Uninstaller PRO

How to Remove Pre-Installed Apps on Windows 10/11

Another free tool which displays a list of all the programmes installed on your computer is this one. Just choose which one you want to remove and click Uninstall. It's quite useful because it shows you which add-ons or plugins are safe to use and what is not.

3. PC Decrapifier

How to Remove Pre-Installed Apps on Windows 10/11

The software locates all unwanted apps and programmes, allowing you to select which ones you want to remove before performing the task for you. The programme includes many free trial apps, which are typically included with new devices. It will build a system restore after installation, so all you have to do now is choose the items from the list and then tap Next.

4. Scrap My Computer

This programme is designed to eliminate all of the bloatware that arrives with a new computer. Its portability is an added benefit. This programme does not focus on finding specific garbage objects; instead, it lists everything on a computer, including startup software, desktop items, and even essential software.

The automatic removal method will look for and eliminate registry entries or remaining files from your PC during cleanup. One thing to remember is that it doesn't distinguish between good and harmful software because it's a mass uninstaller.

Should I Remove It?

How to Remove Pre-Installed Apps on Windows 10/11

This is software that detects and removes bloatware, trialware, and other unwanted programmes such as toolbars, adware, and other trash. It will protect your computer and assign a score to everything it discovers. The higher an item appears on the list, the more strongly it is advised to be removed.

While none of these applications offers an excellent one-click solution, they're all beneficial for removing undesired software from your computer. Now you understand all about how to remove pre-installed apps on Windows 10/11.

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