How to Remove Pre-installed Apps in Windows 10?

You recently treated yourself to the new PC you've been wanting, and you can't wait to use it. You can't wait to try out all the new features that your friends have been raving about for so long, and you're excited to see how quickly apps will load with just one click.

When your new computer first starts up, instead of being excited, you're horrified to see a tonne of shortcuts to pointless services and apps which you didn't ask for coupled with obnoxious pop-up adverts.

The computer instantly links to the internet and begins obtaining the most recent updates for all of the antivirus or antispyware trial versions that are already downloaded on it prior to you even get a chance to click on everything.

Additionally, you receive a variety of notifications and alerts regarding IT risks that you had previously only heard about in scary stories and were unsure whether or not they actually existed. All of this sounds like just a nightmare, we think.

Which Computer Bloatware Removal Programme is the Best?


Updating apps is simple using CCleaner. You can organise the items and perform a name-based search on the entire list that contains every piece of installed software.

By selecting the Tool submenu, CCleaner's uninstaller feature could be found. You'll see that the pre-installed software for Windows on your computer is included in the app list.

Simply choose the items you want to remove and click the Uninstall button to proceed.

CCleaner can assist you in removing all residual files associated with problematic apps in addition to deleting the unwanted apps themselves.

This PC-cleaning programme may check your registry and eliminate extraneous entries. Additionally, it has the ability to discover duplicates, empty folders, temporary files, and more.

IObit Uninstaller PRO

Another free programme that displays a list of every programme installed on your computer is this one. Simply choose which you want to remove then hit Uninstall. It's incredibly useful because it lets you know whether plugins and add-ons are safe to use and how ones shouldn't.

By selecting such a strong uninstaller, you can remove the PC's most obstinate programmes and get extra disc space. Additionally, you gain from thorough removal of any leftover data from removed programmes.

PC Decrapifier

This programme, which is free and simple to use, has been around for a very long time and is compatible with each and every version of Microsoft Windows, starting with Windows 2000 and remove pre-installed Apps in Windows 10.

Should I Remove It?

This is a program that detects and gets rid of manufacturer bloatware, trialware, and unwanted applications including toolbars, adware, and other garbage. Your computer would be scanned, and then it will grade all of the results.

An item's removal is much more strongly advised the higher it appears on the list.

If the following advice doesn't help, your computer can experience more severe Windows problems. To quickly fix them, we advise using this PC Repair programme. Simply select repair both after clicking Start Scan after download.

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