How to Open HEIC Files on Windows 10/11?

If you've never heard of HEIC before but own an iPhone, you're probably already utilizing it. However, when you try to open a HEIC file on your computer and your computer tells you that you can't, it can be very aggravating.

Perhaps you're attempting to use the image on your Windows 10/11 PC and getting error messages. Fortunately, it isn't the end of the road for you. You don't have to delete the file because other options are available. This post will show you how to open HEIC files on Windows 10/11 in several methods.

What Exactly Are HEIC Files?

Apple uses HEIC, even though MPEG developed it. As a result, the name given to its image format is High-Efficiency Image File (HEIF). The video format is based on High-Efficiency Video Compression.

The HEIC format is popular because it allows you to view high-resolution images without taking up a lot of space on your computer. The reason for this is that it uses a current compression technique. The HEIC file format is the default photo storage format for iOS devices, and you can disable it.

The HEIC format has recently replaced the old JPG format. One of the most prevalent reasons for this file format's popularity is that it uses less storage space than JPG. It accomplishes this while maintaining image quality. It also saves image attributes metadata, alpha and depth maps, and thumbnails.

Methods to Open HEIC Files on Windows 10/11

Method 1: On Windows 10/11, add HEIC Functionality via an Extension.

You can use one approach to get your HEIC files to work on your Windows 10 PC, installing HEIC support. Adding the HEIC extension to the file format will improve its ability to work on Windows 10. In the absence of hardware support, the 'HEIF Image Extension' and 'HEVC Video Extension' extensions allow Windows 10 to read and write the photo format.

The HEIF extension is free, but the HEVC will cost you at least $0.99. When you install these extensions, when you click on the files, they will open on Windows 10.

Different photo viewing programs can be used to view them. The procedures to enable HEIC support in Windows 10 are outlined below.

  • Using your mobile browser, go to the Microsoft Store.
  • Using the search box at the top of the page, look for the HEIC image or HEVC video extensions.
  • When the extension appears, click Get and follow the directions to install the extension on Windows 10 successfully. You'd have to pay extra for the HEVC extension.
  • You can try opening your HEIC file again after installing the extension.

Method 2: Convert the HEIC Files

Another method for ensuring that your HEIC file opens on Windows 10 is to convert the file. You have the option of converting it to JPEG or PNG. It will be easier to open HEIC files on Windows 10 after converting them.

You may convert your HEIC files to other image file types using a variety of online converters. Multiple files can be converted at the same time with converters like CopyTrans. Also, before you can utilise the HEIC file in an image editor like Photoshop, you'll need to convert it. If you're trying to edit the file on Windows 10, this could be the reason why it won't open.

You could try converting your HEIC file using a VLC media player as an option. The player has a convert/save feature from HEIC to other file formats.

  • To begin, pick 'convert/save' from the options under media on the taskbar.
  • Next, select the file you want to convert quickly and click 'convert.'
  • Following that, you'll have to decide on a file format. After you've made your decision, click Save. After that, select a save place and click Start to begin the conversion.

Method 3: On Windows 10/11, Use the Windows Plugin to Open HEIC Files.

To open the HEIC image file on a PC, you can download a Windows plugin. You won't modify the file in Lightroom or Photoshop if you use this method. It will, however, allow you to insert HIC format photographs into word documents very easily.

You could use CopyTrans to download plugins on your PC using the Windows plugin successfully. After downloading the plugins, you can then open the HEIC file on your Windows 10/11 PC. If the HEIF extensions do not work on the system, most users utilize this option.

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