How To Merge Combine Partitions In Windows 10?

You must have heard about merging cells in Excel where you combine two cells to make up a bigger cell but to Combine Partitions In Windows 10 means something entirely different. So to combine partitions in Windows 10 refers to combining the two discs to enlarge their total space.

This helps a lot in decluttering and saves up a lot of space. If you’re someone who has a lot of data to store, you can try merging the discs. Often when you buy a new PC or one which is pre-owned, you’ll be surprised to see that it comes with a single partition. Some of these partitions are necessary to have while some can be removed to benefit you in terms of space.

But before you Combine Partitions In Windows 10, make sure all of your data has a backup as the merging can lead to loss of files. And it is best not to merge the C disc with any of the existing ones as it has all the operating files and can cause loss of data and lead to failure of proper functioning of certain drivers. 

Now to merge the partitions, you need to discern whether your system is partitioned or not. To find out type Disk Management in the search bar and click on the option that pops up on the top of the search results. When you open the Disk management system, the dashboard will display the discs that are partitioned. You will be able to find the status of each disk and then you can decide which one to merge. 

Now to Combine Partitions In Windows 10, You can Follow the Step-by-Step Guide We have Prepared for You.

Step 1: Open Disk Management by typing it in the search bar. 

Step 2: Right-click on the drive you want to allocate space for or want to delete. Click on the delete volume option from the drop-down menu. 

Step 3: Now right-click on the drive with which you want to merge the drive. Click on the option to Extend volume

Step 4: A set-up will be prompted on your screen. Follow the steps accordingly and click on Finish, once the process of merging is complete. 

Step 5: Now when you open My Computer, you will find that the drives have been merged. And a lot of duplicate files have been removed and put in one drive only. 

Step 6: You can search for Drive D in files explorer and you will find a folder named E to D which will also have the information regarding the date and time of merging. 

With these steps, you can easily Combine Partitions In Windows 10 without any hassle or problem. In case you face any issues merging the partition, you can get in touch with a technical expert to help you with it. Do not go on trying such sensitive matters without prior knowledge and data backup.

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