How to Install WordPress on Windows 10?

Want to write your blog or create your E-Commerce website? The answer to these simple questions is to simply install WordPress on Windows 10 locally or get your website built directly under the preferred domain or web server.

The notion of installing WordPress commensurates with the idea of having a local host and taking your website on stream after building your website on your localhost. Working on a local host also provides leeway for making frequent modifications as well.

So Here is a Quick Reference Guide Throwing Light on How to Install WordPress on Windows 10-

Downloading the Instant WordPress

Install WordPress on Windows 10

Step 1 - You must initiate the process of installing WordPress on Windows 10 by simply downloading Instant WordPress for Windows 10.

Step 2 - After the archive folder of WordPress is saved in one of the destination folders, just extract it to your desired folder location after double-clicking on it.

Step 3 - Now, go to the location of the extracted file and run the Start-InstantWP.bat file.

Step 4 - While the extraction process is underway if you happen to get prompted by your Firewall, allow access to get the extraction process completed.

Step 5 - Now you have to keep clicking on the Next button until you reach the end of this wizard to finall install WordPress on Windows 10. 

Running the WordPress on your PC 

Install WordPress on Windows 10

The next step to be executed is to run the WordPress. You can do this by following the steps enshrined below:

Step 1 - After launching the WordPress you will get to see the Command Prompt screen getting displayed multiple times. Just allow it to happen.

Step 2 - Then wait for the server to start which may take 60 seconds.

Step 3 - Now click on the WordPress Admin Button.

Step 4 - As soon as you press the WordPress Admin Button, you will be redirected to the WordPress platform wherein you can log in and begin building your website.

Using the ServerPress 

Downloading the executable file first

Step 1 - Go on to search the free version of Server Press. Now click on the downloadable version of it to save a copy of it in a destination folder.

Step 2 - After the archive folder is saved in a destination folder, open and extract it to the desired location.

Step 3 - After the folder has been extracted, just run the Install DSL v392 file.  

Step 4 - An installation wizard will get opened, just click Continue to allow the administrative privileges.

Step 5 - Now click on Next to complete the process.

Starting the ServerPress

Install WordPress on Windows 10

Step 1 - Open the C:\xampplite folder and run the executable file as administrator.

Step 2 - Click Next after choosing Start apache and MySQL services.

Step 3 - Allow access when your Firewall prompts and seeks permission to run the application.

Step 4 - Moving ahead, just click Next after selecting the Create a new development website radio button.

Step 5 - Now set the site name and expected site root and click Create to continue.

Step 6 - Now just wait for a few minutes so that the wizard sets the basic files and folders in. 

Step 7 - Post the setting wizard is accomplished running, just enter the required data and be prepared to start building the pages of your website that have been set up in your localhost.

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