How to Get FaceTime on Windows 10?

You must get an invite link to a chat from someone Get FaceTime on Windows 10 on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac in order to take part in a FaceTime video chat on just a computer running Windows.

You can either request a connection from some other participant so you can join, or you can email this connection to yourself so you can transfer devices. On a Windows PC, you'll also need Chrome as well as Edge.

On an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac computer, Launch the FaceTime App.

Step 1: Choose to Create Link.

Step 2: The FaceTime web address will be copied to your device's clipboard when you select Copy. You can then paste the address through a message or an email to submit to contact or even to oneself. To share the link like a DM instead, you can instead select one of the recommended chat apps.

Step 3: The FaceTime web address will be copied to your device's clipboard when you select Copy. You could now simply insert the address into an email or message to send to contact or even to yourself. To send the link as a DM instead, you can also select one of the suggested chat apps.

Step 4: Your Windows computer's web browser would then add you to a FaceTime chat.

Step 5: You could now shut the FaceTime app on your Apple device if all you wanted to do was join your Windows machine to a chat.

Does FaceTime Need to Be Installed on a Windows Computer?

There isn't and you don't need a FaceTime program for Windows desktops. If you're using a Windows computer, you can launch FaceTime entirely from a web browser by clicking the link in a chat invitation that was issued to you by a participant using an Apple device.

Is FaceTime secure for PC?

Apple does guarantee end-to-end encryption for FaceTime communications, considerably enhancing the privacy of your communication.

Making ensuring your computer is operating the most recent copy of Windows and also that your browser is up to date will help to boost your security. Additionally, it's wise to only click the expected FaceTime invite links.

If a link appears to be for a FaceTime chat but is actually for a bogus website, email scammers may try to fool you into selecting it.

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