How to Fix WiFi Disappeared in Windows 11?

Users have complained that the WiFi symbol has vanished from their taskbar after upgrading to Windows 11. On most computers, there is a network icon on the taskbar that displays network connectivity. When you don't have the essential drivers installed on your machine, you'll see a missing WiFi icon.

Furthermore, if your computer's WiFi adapter is deactivated or broken, you won't see the WiFi symbol on your taskbar. Whatever the reason, we'll teach you how to restore the WiFi icon to your taskbar in this post, so just keep reading.

With the increasing reliance on the Internet, Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) has become a crucial feature. Many people have noticed that the Wi-Fi symbol in Windows 11 has vanished, causing a lot of problems. The issue is most likely caused by the driver, the current version of Windows, incompatible software, or broken services, among other things. Use Ethernet to access the Internet until you can create a wireless connection.

As it turns out, Windows 11 has been officially out for a few days now, and more consumers are upgrading every day. While some users opt to update to the new operating system, others opt for a fresh install of Windows 11. Despite the fact that this is the official public release, which implies it is the first stable build, there are still some issues to be resolved.

The lack of a WiFi symbol is generally due to a problem on your end and has nothing to do with Microsoft. In such circumstances, the problem is simple to address, and that is exactly what we will be doing today. So, without further ado, let's get this party started.

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WiFi Disappeared in Windows 11

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  • Is Wi-Fi difficult due to a hardware or software problem?
  • This can be caused by a variety of faults, both hardware and software-related. It's most likely the software at fault if you started seeing it after upgrading to Windows 11 or updating to the newest release. However, if you've experienced a progressive decrease in Wi-Fi strength over time or have had minor troubles, it might indicate a hardware failure. It all relies on your own experience and the functionality of your computer, and only you can determine if the Wi-Fi problem is caused by a hardware or software issue based on the information provided above.

How can I Carry Out the Repairs Indicated Here If I don't have Access to WiFi?

How to Fix WiFi Disappeared in Windows 11

You could have problems connecting to the Internet if Wi-Fi is unavailable. You may start Windows 11 in Safe Mode in this circumstance. Switch to a wired connection, such as Ethernet, if this doesn't work.

These are less prone to mistakes and provide more security. You may now begin implementing the changes suggested below after securing Internet access. You may make things even easier by setting Windows 11 to auto-login so you don't have to input your password after starting.


When you have this problem, the first thing you should do is run the network troubleshooter. Windows includes a number of built-in troubleshooters that can occasionally assist you in resolving fundamental issues.

While troubleshooters aren't ideal for more intricate difficulties, for a problem like this, the Windows Network Troubleshooter is ideal, and it can frequently pinpoint why you're having problems. As a result, running the network troubleshooter should only be the initial step.

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