How to Fix Corrupted or Damaged PDF on Windows 10 & 11?

Because of their adaptability and security advantages, PDF documents are used by everyone, especially in the corporate world. However, these files may be damaged or corrupted during transfer, download, or as a result of catastrophic PC incidents and crashes. The PDF document then becomes unreadable, regardless of whether you're using Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader on your device.

Fortunately, dedicated PDF recovery solutions are now available, allowing you to rapidly and effectively repair damaged documents. However, in this article, we'll look at all the options for repairing or recovering corrupted or damaged PDFs on Windows 10 & 11.

Why PDF File Gets Corrupt?

When we alter PDF data with a text editor, the file becomes corrupted or offset data. A portion of the PDF file may be lost during network transfer, resulting in damaged or corrupt files. A PDF reader program will not be able to open or repair those faulty PDF files, and you may receive a few error messages as a result.

Preliminary Methods of Troubleshooting a PDF File

There are various reasons why you might be unable to access a PDF file, including an issue with the reader you're using. As a result, before beginning the troubleshooting procedures, it's critical to complete a few verifications to pinpoint the problem.

Open the File on Another Device.

Corrupted or Damaged PDF on Windows 10 & 11

Send or copy the file to another computer to see whether it can be opened there. There's a chance that anything on your machine isn't working correctly, and you'll be able to rule it out this way.

Also, if you received the document via e-mail or online transfer, ask the sender if the file is OK on the other end, and if it is, retry the transfer in the hopes that it will be received successfully this time.

Use a Different PDF Reader.

Corrupted or Damaged PDF on Windows 10 & 11

This issue could be caused by the reader you're using rather than the file itself, so you should try opening it with another PDF reader or your browser.

Also, as you'll see in our instructions below, it's critical to make sure the app you're using to read the file is updated to the most recent version.

How can I Restore or Repair PDF Files on Windows 10 and 11?

1. Update Your Adobe Reader

Corrupted or Damaged PDF on Windows 10 & 11

  • Adobe Acrobat should now be open.
  • Select Help menu for Updates.
  • If there are any new updates available, the app will install them. Close the window if you're using the most recent version.
  • It's possible that you can't open a PDF document or get an error message because Adobe Acrobat isn't updated to the most recent version.
  • Our answer covered Adobe Acrobat, but if you're using another PDF viewer, go through its settings and make sure it's up to current.

2. Adobe Acrobat can be Repaired.

  • Run the Adobe Acrobat application.
  • Choose Help from the menu at the top, then Repair Installation from the drop-down menu.
  • The system will restore Adobe Acrobat and fix any potential issues with the software.
  • Check if the problem has been resolved by reopening the PDF file.

3. Use the Online Service to Repair the PDF File.

Corrupted or Damaged PDF on Windows 10 & 11

  • Select the Repair Online button on the Recovery Toolbox for the PDF website.
  • To indicate the location of the infected file on your PC, click the Select File button, then input your email address and click the Next Step button.
  • The process will be completed in a few seconds, and you will be able to examine the recovered document by pressing the Preview button and then pressing the Next Step button.
  • The final step is to click on the hefty credit card icon, which will take you to the purchase's billing information. You will get the file without any watermark after making your payment.

Using an Adobe PDF fixer online can sometimes be faster and more convenient, especially if you don't have a lot of them. It's also a viable option if you don't want or cannot install the desktop tool on the computer you're using. And this is how you may fix PDF files online with a simple and user-friendly program that requires no installation or setup.

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