How to Enable or Add Search bar to Windows 11 Taskbar?

With a taskbar as well as start menu that are located right, File Explorer Tabs, with improved inbox apps like Paint, Notepad, Photos, and others, Microsoft has made Windows 11 look fantastic.

Since Windows 11 and Windows 10 don't have many significant differences, Windows 10 users who upgrade to the new OS may find it easier to get used to it. Whenever it comes to Windows 10, the taskbar always has a search bar and search box; Microsoft is now working to add one to Windows 11.

Enable or Add Search bar to Windows 11 Taskbar to Match the One in Windows 10.

  • The Vivetool download page on Github
  • Place its files in an extraction folder.
  • Open a command window with administrative rights
  • The ViveTool path copied and pasted
  • Run the.vivetool /enable /id:39072097 /variant:1 command.
  • Different iterations of the search bar will be shown for various variant values. the taskbar
  • As an illustration, using 2 produces a button with the search term
  • 3, shows a button with a globe-shaped magnifying glass inside of it.
  • In Figure 4, a button with a globe and a tiny magnifying glass is seen.
  • 5 shows the button for web search

Restart the Windows Explorer Process Under Task Manager.

By accessing the Start menu or using the Win+ key, you can search within Windows 11 as of right now. Now, you can do this by selecting the Search field. If you don't like it, you can conceal it by taking the below actions.

  • Windows 11's search bar can be hidden.
  • Right-click the taskbar.
  • the Taskbar Settings option
  • Taskbar > Personalization

Turn Off or Disable the "Search" Switch

  • In Windows 11, turn off or remove the search bar from the taskbar.
  • Download and place the files for the Vive Tool in a folder.
  • Launch the command prompt in administrator mode.
  • Vive Tool is copied and pasted into the command window.
  • Run the.vive tool /disable /id:39072097 command.


New taskbar and a focused Start Menu are features of Windows 11. While Windows 10 has a Search bar on the taskbar, the new OS displays a Search icon here on the toolbar enabling users to open and use Windows Search. In Windows 11, Microsoft might have plans to add the search bar on the taskbar.

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