How to Disable Game Mode in Windows 11 & 10?

Game Mode in Windows 11 and Windows 10 concentrates system resources on games. However, it might cause stuttering and freezing in some users. This article explains how to disable Game Mode in Windows 11 & 10.

The default setting for Windows Game Mode was introduced with the Windows 10 Creators Update in 2017 and is switched on by default. Game Mode was included in Windows 11 and is activated by default.

Because the function is enabled by default, it identifies games and prioritizes them for a computer's resources, such as the GPU and CPU.

With some games, the function contributes to slight FPS increases, but it contributes to FPS decreases in others. As a result, it does not work for everyone. Also, on higher-end PCs, Windows Game Mode has no impact.

Some people believe that the functionality will divert resources away from other essential jobs, causing stuttering and freezing. Disable unneeded, resource-hogging apps running on system startup instead of relying on Game Mode to optimize your PC for Gaming.

Disable Game Mode Windows 11

This mode will make your games run faster and prevent Windows Update from installing drivers that may cause problems with your game. This option will rarely create performance issues; nevertheless, if you notice that your system is slowing down or your games aren't operating correctly, you can turn it off to see if it helps. If you want to turn off the mode, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the Settings cog after clicking on the Windows symbol. (You can also use the shortcut keys Win + I to enter the Settings app.)

Step 2: From the left pane, choose Gaming.

Step 3: In the right pane, select Game Mode.

Step 4: Toggle off Game Mode with the toggle switch next.

Step 5: Close the Settings window.

Disable Game Mode Windows 11

If you want to enable Game Mode later, repeat the procedures above but turn the toggle switch on in Step 4.

How do I Turn Off Game Mode in Windows 10?

You may disable Game Mode on your Windows 10 device by following these simple steps:

  • First, go to the Settings section of the menu.
  • Select the Gaming option.
  • Switch the feature to Off by selecting Game Mode from the left side panel.

Of course, there could be other variables at play, such as continuous stuttering, game crashes, or FPS decreases, that can impair your gaming experience.

There are, however, several options for fixing FPS issues on Windows 10, and we've written extensively on the subject. Remember that, as previously stated, there are always other variables to consider when it comes to game quality.

Because the Game Mode feature is a drop in the bucket, please don't assume it's the only reason you're getting low FPS or stuttering. However, if you ever need to disable it, you now know how to do it.

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