How to Check Battery Usage & Health in Windows 11?

If you are using Windows 11 on your PC, then you must be wondering about the battery status of this OS. Every user wants to know the battery life of their device when they start using a new OS. They want to know at what point the processes and applications start draining the battery. 

In your Settings menu, there is a revamped battery information section, which will show you a detailed graph of battery consumption by programs or apps installed on your system. Here in this post, you will get to know everything you need to know about battery health and usage on Windows 11. 

How can One Check Battery Usage on Windows 11?

Check Battery Usage & Health in Windows 11

You can easily get to know all the details you want about battery consumption with just a few clicks. It is imperative for you to check this information, particularly when you are traveling and you need your device for getting your work done.

A few apps use higher energy tools in comparison to others and you must close them so that your device's battery doesn't get drained quickly. 

How to Check If the Apps are Draining the Battery Quickly?

Check Battery Usage & Health in Windows 11

Carry out the simple steps given below in order to check if the apps are draining quickly or not. 

Step 1: Go to the Start menu and launch Settings or you can directly press the Windows key and I key simultaneously. 

Step 2: Click on the System category and then click on Power and Battery

Step 3: Select Battery Usage and expand that option. 

Step 4: Here, you will see the usage information. After reading this information, you will get a better idea of the apps that are consuming more battery. 

Why Is It Important to Know How much Battery is Being Drained by an App?

If you are on the go and you need to get some important work done, then it is important for you to conserve your device's battery. In such a condition, you must know the programs or apps that can drain the battery faster so you can close them. Microsoft mentioned that Windows 11 is a lot more battery hungry in comparison to the previous OS. This is also why you need to be very careful about battery usage. 

Everyone is well aware of the fact that Windows 11 runs well on foldable devices and smartphones. So, a lot of users are going to install Windows 11 on those devices. Please ensure that you have a record of every single detail, so you don't get any shock later on because of an unpleasant happening. 

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