Creating a Windows 11 Install Drive Takes Some Work. Here is What You need to Know

With the recent release of Windows 11, everyone wants to know how to install the Windows updates. Nevertheless, if you perform testing on an unfinished operating system, then you can experience some issues. One way to fix this problem is to use a USB installation drive that has a copy of Windows 11.

The final version of Windows 11 will be released in late October but till that time it will be considered a work in progress. When you store update safety on your pen drive, then you can reinstall it at any particular point in time. This comes in handy when there is no other way left to resolve the issues. 

Windows 11 can easily be installed by using a USB drive on many computer systems. You can also set it up as a virtual machine to perform a test without putting your data at risk. 

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The media creation tool of Microsoft is not updated yet. Moreover, the ISO images needed to create a bootable drive are also not updated. You require a blank 8 GB USB drive to install Windows 11 on your system. You can also download a system mage from mac or Linux. 

Where should One Download Windows 11 ISO?

Creating a Windows 11 Install Drive Takes Some Work. Here is What You need to Know

You must create a flash drive in order to download all the needed files. Go t the section of Quick Options and then search for Latest Dev Channel Build. Select the x64 button on your intel-based system. In case you have an arm-based windows PC like Surface Pro X, then you must click on the arm64 button. 

After that, a screen will be displayed before you where you need to select the option of Cumulative update for Windows 11. Choose language and then select Next. Now, choose the edition of Windows 11 that you wish to download and then select Next. 

After that, a list of options will open up before you. Please ensure that download and convert to ISO option is selected. Also, you must make sure that there is a checkmark given right next to Include Updates. After that, select the option of Create download package. 

Once the download is complete, go to the Downloads folder and then search for the Zip file. Right-click on that file and then select the option of Extract All. Now, select a location to save a file. When you create the file name, there shouldn't be any spaces. It is important for the folder name to have spaces otherwise the tool downloaded won't run.

Go to the location where the files are extracted and search for the file named uup_download_windows and then open it by double-clicking on it. A pop-up may appear before you stating that Windows is not letting the file run. In order to fix things, select the option of More Info and then click on Run Anyway. 

Now, you will see the command prompt on the screen, which will give you the details of the present step and other details of the download process. The download is going to take some time to get completed. As the command is performing its job, you will see some random textual information scrolling through the screen. Allow the process to finish. 

How to Turn a Simple Flash Drive into an Installation Drive?

Creating a Windows 11 Install Drive Takes Some Work. Here is What You need to Know

You need to use a Rufus program in order to turn your standard USB drive into an installation drive. Microsoft uses this app for making Windows 10 a bootable drive. Download and install Rufus by going to the main website of the manufacturer. The process is going to take a while only as it is a small program. 

Once the Windows 11 download is complete by UUP dump and you are done press 0 to close the command prompt. Now, connect your USB drive and then launch Rufus. Go to Device dropdown and then select the USB drive. Everything on your thumb drive will get deleted while this process is going on. Please ensure that the drive is empty and everything you need isn't on the drive anymore. 

Choose ISO image or Disc by going to Boot Selection and then click on Select and choose the ISO file that was created in the last step. 

You will see an image option section Rufus that has many settings. There you need to leave everything as it is. This applies to format options as well.

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